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Factors affecting the life of polyurethane screens

Jan. 04 , 2020
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The service life of the Polyurethane Screen is affected, and its screening effect and impact resistance are damaged. After all, polyurethane screens are a piece of the indispensable main equipment in beneficiation and classification operations. The factors that affect its service life must be avoided as much as possible during use, otherwise, the performance of the equipment will be affected.

Polyurethane Tension Screens

Polyurethane Tension Screens

First, inappropriate choices

1. It can be divided into dewatering screen, descreening screen and material classification screen according to its use; 2. It can be divided into polyester or polyether screen according to the raw material components used; 3. According to the The fixing methods can be divided into fastening type, bolt type and Polyurethane Tension Screens. The selection of the polyurethane screen depends on the use of the screen, mainly whether the screen is used for classification or dehydration. The raw materials of the screen used for wet screening and dry screening are different. Polyether-based polyurethane screens should be used for water screening to avoid the phenomenon that the screens have reduced life due to hydrolysis. For dry screening and screening of large materials, polyester polyurethane screens should be selected. Their abrasion resistance and impact resistance are better, which can effectively improve the screen life. It is also necessary to choose the device configuration of the screen according to the size of the screen aperture. For large holes (openings above 60mm are recommended), the screen is recommended to use a bolt-type fixed structure. The impact of the screen surface is large, and the screen fixing methods of other construction methods are easy to loosen. After the screen is loose, it strikes each other with the support beam, resulting in a short screen life.

Second, unreasonable use

After using the correct polyurethane screen, it needs to be used reasonably to ensure that the performance of the polyurethane screen is good and the life can be guaranteed, but many users tend to ignore this point in the process of using the polyurethane screen. For example, the tensioned screen is easily loosened by large materials during use. It is necessary to periodically tighten the tension bolt. If the tension bolt is loose and not tightened for a long time, it will cause a knock between the screen and the support ribs, which will affect Screen life. At the same time, there is a feed inlet design. It is suggested that the feeding method should not be vertical to the screen surface, the feeding direction should be inclined along the direction of the logistics, and the feeding height should not exceed 400mm to avoid damaging the screen with excessive impact. For complex working environments, the surface of the metal skeleton should be stopped by sandblasting to remove oil and rust stains from the surface, activate the appearance, and expand the bonding area. The steel mold is put into a metal skeleton after being subjected to a surface mold release treatment (release agent coating), and the platform is heated to 110 ° C, and the mold temperature is about 80 ° C. Polyurethane screens should be disposed of the corresponding molds and skeletons before pouring. Regardless of the temperature or the oil stains on the exterior of the skeletons, they should be disposed accordingly. If the oil stains on the exterior are not handled properly, it will affect the adhesion of the skeletons to the polyurethane, which is easy to fall and temperature control Unreasonable, will cause bubbles or burnout during pouring, which will affect the life of the polyurethane screen.

The above are the factors that affect the life of the polyurethane screen. We all know that when the life is affected, the performance of the product is not as good as before. Moreover, if there is a problem in the use of polyurethane screens, it will cause obstacles to the use of the project.

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