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Why choose our Polyurethane Fine Mesh products?

Jan. 20 , 2020
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The American Derrick company has developed High-Frequency Vibrating Screens, which not only greatly improves the efficiency of beneficiation, but also makes the polyurethane fine screen an indispensable product in fine beneficiation operations. As a country with abundant mineral resources, this makes the high-frequency sieve machine an important role in beneficiation operations. Facing the broad market prospects, many factories have begun to develop Polyurethane Fine Mesh products. However, due to technical limitations, these companies still use the splicing process in the process of making products (dividing an entire screen into many small pieces and then bonding them one by one), which not only increases the production cost, but also The screening area is wasted to a large extent, resulting in the screening efficiency of the screen not meeting the original design requirements.


For example, the sieve in the figure below has an appearance size of 2300 * 1000mm and a sieve size of 0.09mm. If the splicing process is used, the production process is very complicated. The small piece of sieve produced must be bonded nearly 20 times before it can be composed. One finished screen. In this way, the impervious area caused by the bonding process appears on the original screen surface, which will largely cause the screening efficiency to be low and affect the normal production of the beneficiation operation.

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